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Blythe is in Texas! It's in the Japanese Import part of Toy Joy.

Toy Joy started carrying a ton of Rement about a year ago. Just a few days ago, they got a first shipment of Casual Affair, with the new Prima Dollies to come!

Toy Joy
2900 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas, 78705
hours: 10-11pm everyday, open until midnight on weekends
corner of 29th and Guadalupe Street

Monday, August 24, 2009


Physical Blythe Store Locations

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PHYSICAL LINK:,-117.421875&spn=128.704563,335.390625&z=2


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They hosted the tour when it came around.
They also carry local artists stuff, and things from Japan.

Now they mostly just carry stationary goods.
Take the 2, 3, 4, or 38 to get there. It is across from JAPANTOWN.
1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415.409.4700
Fax: 415.409.4703

They carry Blythes and Petite Blythes sometimes too.
I usually get my dollies here. Pinky st, Japanese Toys, etc.

The people that work there are SUPER nice.
It is located in NORTH BEACH across from a large church.
You can take the 45 Stockton bus from downtown that goes through Chinatown and up to Columbus.
(these guys are great too!)

Tons of Japanese items here. From DVD's, toys, music, events and etc.
Lots of blythe and re-ment floating in most of the stores in this small shopping area.

Tons of re-ment, doll books, japanese goods, etc.

Japantown Collectables
Pullips, hobby toys, re-ment, action figures, etc
Public Transportation: MUNI 38 Geary, 2, 3, 4

Japanese books, fashion, toys, events, movies
1746 Post St,
San Francisco, CA 94115
Public Transportation: MUNI 38 Geary, 2, 3, 4


Portland OR, USA

Just Be Complex [ ]
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Compound in Portland, Oregon
(JUNE 2008)
jdb wrote:
Compound in Portland, Oregon isn't getting shipments of Blythe dolls anymore. The person I spoke to said they weren't getting shipments "right now". Meaning what? I dunno. Seems like the aren't getting them period. Nothing on their website or in the store.



Torrance , California (just south of Los Angeles)

386 Beach Avenue, Unit B-4
Torrance, California 90501

They carry the 23 cm and 27 cm bodies and a HUGE range of clothes and accessories for the 1/6 scale.

Upstairs are the 1/3 dolls and customization department.

I suggest you use MapQuest first, as the store is in an industrial park and
may be confusing to find.

The Kids Are Alright
2201 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90026
(213) 413-4014

Petites and Neo Blythes at above-retail prices. Should probably call first to see if they have any in-stock. (Thanks to Angelitarubio)

jadedmystery wrote:
Just a quick update:

I was at The Kids Are Alright (in LA) last week and they weren't carrying any 12" or Petite Blythes anymore. They did have a Blythe Style book and those miniature Blythes, but that was it which was strange since they had a bunch the last time I was there. No Juice Berry outfits anymore either. :( Valley of the Dolls on the other hand had TONS...unfortunately they were closed that day so I only got to look in the window. But that's the store to hit now if you're in the LA area. :)

Big Lou's Toys and Collectibles
5413 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 391-7312

Petite, Neos, Kubricks (Thanks to PlasticPrettyBoy and Chantastic)

No blythe items carried

angelitarubio wrote:
The Valley of the Dolls
8230 Beverly Blvd
Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323.944.0882 fax
866.796.8187 toll free

Please, please, please is my friend Scot's store..he is the same Scot who runs the VOTD website. Yes, it caters more to pullip-lovers but he does sell some blythes and he will continue to get more especially if they sell. He has DaBi, STA, HH, RDP, FTS and a ton of petites and ADGs in his well as Momokos, other JunPlanning dolls, Milky Way clothing and rement! This is one of the only non-BJD Japanese-style doll shops around so I urge everyone to visit!

Mods, feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place...:):)
I visited the store on Wednesday with some fellow dollie friends and it's lovely..Scot is also willing to special order so try to visit!

pipercat99 wrote:
I just visited VOTD in LA and have to say it is a very nice store. Scot is very helpful and knowledgable! It was nice to see so many Blythe dolls and accessories in one place!

They also stock DAL, tons of Pullip, rement, cute plushies, and various items of interest to the Blythe community. If you're in LA, stop by and visit!!

suzanneb @ Wed May 13, 2009 6:07 pm wrote:
Just thought I'd pass along that The Valley of the Dolls in Los Angeles is moving. According to their website their last day at their current location is May 14th. On June 1st they'll reopen at their new location, Royal/T in Culver City.

Here's their new info from their website:

Royal T
8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
T 310 559 6300
F 310 559 6633


Newbury Comics
SofieMuffins wrote:
Cambridge, MA

At Newbury Comics. I saw a Petite Baby Bonnie there today. They only had one and it was too busy to ask the cashier about their stock. She was behind the counter so I didn't get a chance to see how much she was.

She's cute, but I'm broke!



1953 W Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 491-9501

Specializes in designer vinyl toys, but also carries a good selection of full-sized and Petite Blythe. I visited there three weeks ago, and the owner was incredibly friendly. She had a long talk with me about Bythe, Junko Wong, Hasbro, etc., and showed off her beautiful MCC, a gift from Junko Wong. I told her I'd bought a BBB from her online shop because the price was incredibly cheap, and she said she sees no point in overcharging for something just because she knows she can. VERY honest and reliable!! She also asked me to tell everyone that the online shop is holding a sale, with free shipping on any purchase over $75, and it may become a permanent feature of the website if the sale is successful. I highly recommend both their online and retail shop. GREAT people to work with!!

orangeangel320 wrote:
Update on Rotofugi in Chicago, USA:

I'm traveling to Chicago next week and was browsing their website in preparation and noticed all their Blythe's were "Out of Stock" or "Sold". I emailed the store and asked weather or not they were still carrying Blythes in their store and this was the reply I got:

Hi Jeni,

I'm sorry, but we've run out of Blythe Dolls. :(

It's a long story, but basically Hasbro has decided that CWC (the
asian licensee that makes Blythe) is not allowed to sell to stores in
the US.


Yikes! sounds like bad news for most stores in the USA.


Robot Love
2648 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis , MN 55408

I have not been there in person, but I did send the boyfriend there when he was in Minneapolis on a business trip. Their online store has a very nice selection of Blythe and Blythe items, and the boyfriend reports that the retail store looks very good too. He brought me back a Darling Blythe book and a Silver Snow notebook, both really nice!

anju wrote:
I went to this store today to look at Blythe stuff, I was in the cities for the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum. The store no longer carries Blythes because of an issue getting the vendor to get Blythes from Japan, or something like that. They no longer had any Blythes, but they had 2 minis on clearance and a few Blythe books on clearance, that is it. But it was still a really nice store otherwise. I just wanted you all to know before you make a special trip :).



Toy Tokyo Retail Store
121 2nd Ave 2F. NYC, NY 10003 (between 7th St. and St. Mark's Ave.)
Phone: 212.673.5424
FAX: 212.673.5450
Store hours:: everyday 1PM-9PM

What their websites says: Toy Tokyo is located on the second floor of 121 2nd Avenue, between St. Marks Place and 7th Street in New York City. We started in 2000, and since have gained the reputation of having the most unique inventory in the city. There is always something new to experience at Toy Tokyo, and many customers return a few times a week just to make sure they aren''t missing anything. We have toys of all kinds, far too many to list, but we''re sure to have something that you are looking for. Many of our items are coming directly from Hong Kong and Japan, but we also carry the latest in domestic toys and collectibles as well, along with a large inventory of rare and vintage items. In 2003, we made the big step onto the online stage, and ever since, we have been supplying collectors from around the world. In addition to selling the greatest toys in the universe, we are involved in aspects of production overseas. We''ve also been known to have a few celebrities stop in every now and again so you never know who you might see! If you are in the area, and would like to have the ultimate toy store experience, please stop by! We''re open every day 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

What I Say: I got a chance to visit this store to purchase my first Blythe doll about two weeks ago. The store is a ten minute walk from the Astor Place subway stop, and is easy to find, which is right below an 18+ toy/collectable shop (only my friends and I didn't see the large sign out front that said "18 AND OLDER ONLY", lol. No wonder they carried a Pamela Anderson love doll and a genitalia-shaped telephone, lol. Luckily, nobody seemed to notice or care). The small, shelf-packed store carries Neo Blythes as well as Petite Blythe dolls, and appear to have a fair selection of them (I remember seeing about 5 or so different Neos including Tommy February 6, ABe, SMe, MS, and BB and quite a few Petites), and even some Re-Ment items too. The staff was polite and helpful. The items are a little overpriced (I paid $125 for my Merry Skier, plus $10 in tax- that's New York for you), but if you're looking for a quick purchase it's the way to go. Overall I'd say that I reccomend the store, and that you should definitely check it all out because they've got so many cool toys including Blythe, and provide a friendly shopping atmosphere. My friends, who all thought Blythe was creepy, have to admit that they enjoyed being in the store and found items that they liked a lot too![/url]

(Thanks MissKitty)
(646) 336-6844
636 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Brooklyn NY, in Williamsburg

court wrote:
i don't know if it has been mentioned before, but today i was in brooklyn ny, in williamsburg, and found a store with blythes! it is on the bedford ave. strip, in the mini mall- the very last store on the right. it sells robot toys and action figures, and had maybe 5 recent blythe dolls (can can cat, natasha moore, sunday very best, and one that had a kimono that i don't know the name of). prices seemed reasonable too.

blythechan @ Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:30 am wrote:
The Japan Society Shop in NYC has a very small Blythe section with a Prima Dolly Aubrena, 3 petites (Night Flower, Magical Wand and Running Deer), a few postcards and Blythe small mirror.

I work there and I recently took a pic of my Blythe in the shop with the boxed Aubrena 'cause I thought it would be cute, but Aubrena[/img] looks so sad! I hope someone gives her a good home soon, it's getting hard for me to resist!

The Japan Society is on East 47th St, Between 1st and 2nd Ave's, and if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.
PS- I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I couldn't really find a more appropriate place.


nasty nip
36 North Road


179 Shaftesbury Ave
(Petites and other dolls though)

marzipanda wrote:
NAME OF STORE: Life/ life is happy?
ADDRESS or LINK TO ADDRESS: 2-4 old street, London EC1V 9AA
DIRECTIONS: Take tube to old street station. You will need to get out at an exit marked old street - get out. if you are mega lazy find a bus stop that goes up old street (towards holborn, oxford circus. not shoreditch) and get a 55/243 up the rd - its 2 stops up the road.. ding the bell when you see a rd called Golden Lane on your left. get off, turn right out of the bus and walk up.. youll see pret a manger and a few other shops. keep on walking until you see Life on your left, its on the road you are walking on!

I only found it today - they have realistic average prices - I saw a Sunday very Best, Fruit Punch, Birdie blue and Velvet Minuet and an ADG Girl (who was a rediculous price of £180.. something not right there LOL!) but the others apart from VM who was £90, were £67.50 which isnt too bad. The very nice owner (keito I believe his name is) also sells blythe books, other blythe stuff, and rement 30 days clothing! :)




Buy a Tokunai pass (good all day and super cheap!) gets you around the major spots in tokyo!

Some places I liked going to:
Mandarake in Nakano
some photos:

And sometimes the Toys R Us's there have them. (yes, surprising but true!)
Try the one with the theme park... the one in ODIBA had good little trinkets

Of course Junie Moon (but everyone know's that!):


Asobit City

If you are going to Tokyo, stop by the smaller volks showroom in SHINJUKU. That's near SR bigs. They sell Super Dollfie and 1/6th clothing.

Photo guide to get there:
((original posting:

Tokyo Big Sight: DESIGN FESTA

There was an arts and crafts convention I went to. It was during NOV. I think. Anways, there were TONS of hand made blythe goods/dolls/toys.

misskitty1970 wrote:
Two more places in Tokyo, to get Blythes are

Kiddyland in Harajuku
Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza (they are on the basement level in the Licca showroom, tons of Licca stuff too that fits Blythe)

was just there and they both stock recently out Blythes and accessories.
Both are on main streets so they are easy to find

rizusan wrote:
Shimoda, Japan

Aeon Shimoda
2nd fl., Aeon Mall Shimoda, 40-1 Aza Nakanodaira, Shimoda, Kamikita, Aomori
tel. +81-178-50-0281

The stores that have Blythes are on the second floor. One is a toy store near the arcade, and another is a small shop called Village Vanguard.

Hachinohe, Japan

Toys R Us

4-7-110, Numadate, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori 031-0071

They only carry new releases, and they are in a display case. You have to ask an associate to give you a ticket, and pay for the doll before you get her.

rizusan wrote:
I took the Tokyo list as my starting point in preparing for our upcoming trip and here is some info to help anyone visiting Tokyo in the future. I'm posting this here because it took me a while to find good maps of these places, and I heard it is good to have the address in Japanese on you because getting around Tokyo is not easy.:

Asobit City
Main website:
(It's close to the JR station)

Kiddyland- Main website:

Hakuhinkan Toy Park - Main website:
Map: (also have an English link from there)

(edited for correction)

maemae wrote:
i went to my local Parco today (Matsumoto, Japan) and on the top floor they had 4 of the newest blythes (happy harbour, mod molly, welcome winter and enchanted petal) as well as recent dolly dolly and clothing pattern books and the blythe books.

so if you're in Japan but not in Tokyo it's worth trying Parco.

another one for japan:
'Post Hobby' is an official blythe shop. they are located in:

Tokorozawa, saitama
Matsumoto, Nagano

I've only been to the Matsumoto one so I don't know what the others stock. Mine has around 6 recent release Neo Blythes (including official blythe shop exclusives), 12 Petites, Neo and Petite dress sets, shoe sets, furniture sets, little lodges, and other blythe merchandise (mugs, bags, notebooks, photo albums etc). They also sell Sugarmag clothing and other doll clothing and Pullips, Dals and Momokos. They also display people's blythe photos on a board and display dolls wearing sugarmag clothes etc in a case.

Details of locations can be found here (click on each of the yellow tabs and then click 'shop information':

and they have a doll blog here:

dezarii wrote:
I made this guide to the Volks store in Osaka, which sells Blythes. They're overpriced there, but the directions are still useful:

Around step 5 in the directions there's a capsule store on the right that sells Blythes at a discount. The selection is small but they have the best prices. Keep on the right side and pass Volks, walk down a few blocks to Otaku Heaven. (You can recognize it by the giant Gamera statue outside.) They have Blythes on the second floor and their selection and prices are good.

You can get to Splash & Sammy's from Shinsaibashi station exit 6. The map is on the website:
TEL/FAX 06-4704-4023
OPEN 13:00~20:00

Take the map with you because it's really hard to find otherwise. There is a small sign outside, like a folded board, if the store is open (past 1pm). If it's closed, there's no indication from the outside that it even exists. The prices on stock Blythes are a bit higher than the other places, but they have a nice selection of clothes and the owners are some of the loveliest people I have ever met.

tomo wrote:

Pretty Power OSAKA
大阪府 大阪市中央区南船場 4-2-17
TEL: 06-4704-7020

月~土 AM11:00~PM20:00
日・祝 AM11:00~PM18:00

Pretty Power KYOTO

Girlest Girl


(AUGUST 2009)



Dollz Inc -
@ Wheelock Place, #02-07
Tel: +65 67337377

Rapid Culture -
@ Cineleisure Orchard, #02-16
Tel+65 6736 0322

Simply Toys -
@ Far East Plaza, #01-26
Tel: +65 67364438
(HAS MOVED as of July 2007)

Magama Heritage - Specialises more in Pullips; has some Blythes

Nineivre wrote:
another shop in singapore~

xearth at far east plaza top floor :) it's behind the food stalls, so don't worry if you can't find it at first.. it's rather tucked away.

prices i checked for their available dolls were:

starD= $220 sgd
MBF= $190
GR= $499(or 399, can't remember exactly which -__-")

in china square there is a bunch of toy shops that may or may not stock blythes.. supplies are pretty erratic. but they do sell the occasional rement (and even bradley dolls/little sophisticates!)


This is a condensed version on this posting:

* CTMA building in Mongkok
- Mongkok CTMA is the shopping center where the Sugar Mag store locates. You can also find the milkyway and BHC shop there.
- The Mongkok business hour is 3pm to mid-night, sometime 2 am in the morning during weekends.

* In's Point; located at the junction of Nathan Rd and Waterloo Rd.

This information comes from the BRAINWORM webby
C. C. Toys
Room 305, 3/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon. Tel : 852 27808131

B Haute Couture
Basement 1, Shop 107, CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kowloon.
Tel : 852 23849907

This information found on this site:
ULTIMATE BLYTHE PARADISE! Actually HK is a toy paradise. Along Nathan road, there are many small shopping malls where they sell lotsa toys and youngster clothing. CTMA center especially where I bought 3 neo blythe (Night Flower, V-smash & Rosie Red Encore), 2 petite Blythe & 1 dollcena. I also bought plenty of Kuma items! Omg the most fruitful trip for my toys collection!

There is a shop in Langham mall that sells official blythe clothing, accessories and dolls. But you can guess it, the prices are pretty steep. :/

The best map I could find for the locations:

riri604 wrote:
the one in Langham Place is called Extravaganza

Address is : Shop 1 & 21, Level 5, Langham Place, Argyle Street, Mong Kok

They do have quite a few blythes some are a bit expensive some are not, I bought my PAM there in march for 384$ which I think is a good price.

and one good thing about this store is they accept American Express!! none of the CTMA stores accept it.


This is a condensed version of this posting:


Magic Pony [ ]
694 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1E7

Unit # 3410, 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X 4J7

(Thanks AdaYinC)
Motivo pourquoi pas? []
251 Saint-Zotique Est
Montreal, QC
H2S 1L2
Tel: 514-509-9064
Fax: 514-495-9041

251 Saint-Zotique Est, Montreal (514) 509-9064 (corner of Alma & Saint-Zotique)

cracklepops wrote:

Camion de Pompier
323 Ontario Est

This shop is actually a part of another store called Marche Clandestin[b], and was tough to find because you have to go below street level down some steps.



Bookworm wrote:
There's a store in Adelaide called Shintokyo that just recently began to sell Neo Blythe's.

There's also another shop in Adelaide, and just outside, called Kollectable Kaos which sell only Pullip from what I know, but I found out that they can order certain things in if their supplier has it so it may be possible to order Blythe's through them .

Lower Ground Floor
Rundle Mall Plaza
50 Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000

PO Box 336
Rundle Mall
SA 5000

(08) 8212 0072

Kollectable Kaos:
Shop 26Moti
Research Rd
Pooraka SA 5095
Ph:(08)8262 8234

Shop 3/54
Pulteney St
Adelaide SA 5000
Ph:(08)8232 1106



elegantmint wrote:
In Paris, France:

ADDRESS: 45 rue de l'arbre sec 75001 Paris
Has a few petites.

ADDRESS: 146 Rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris
Has Dal, Pullip, and 1/6 accessory.
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